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Have a dilemma, mystery, challenge, or burning question?

From education to wealth, to love or health, roll and interpret inspiring game pieces to see who can discover the most amazing insights in this fun party game for a charmed life.

Understand the game in 4 basic steps.

1. Draw a card, read or say your own question to the group, and cast 9 random charms onto the board. Remove "out of play" charms.

2. Use the KEY CARD to review charm meanings. Other players quickly write an answer to your question based on the charms, where they landed on the board, and what this could mean for you.

3. The answers are read aloud. You pick the one that best answers your question, and the author is revealed as the winner of the round.

4. Pass the charms to the left and play again until everyone has asked a question. The player who writes the most winning answers is crowned the Charms Champion of Insight!

Overview (3-8 players, ages 12 and up, 30-90 minutes): Charms is a fun, easy to learn party game where each player takes a turn as the Quester by asking a question. Everyone else finds their inner sage and tries to write the wisest answer based on the Quester's roll of the charms, where they landed, and what this could mean for the Quester. The Quester then picks the winning answer. The player with the most winning answers wins the game.

Created by: Lisa Blecker, Julie Burns Walker, and C. Aaron Kreader

Each game box has: 

  • 50 Charms Cards

  • 25 Charms (Dice, Wooden shapes and Meeples, Gems)*

  • 8 Quick Reference Key Cards

  • 8 Pencils

  • 1 Game Board

  • 1 Rules Sheet (with cooperative option)

  • 1 Pad of Paper (50 sheets)

  • 1 Charms Bag 

  • 1 Sand Timer

Review from Motherhood and More

—Annie Reneau

“Charms is a game to build community…it’s thought provoking and fun and could be kind-of life changing…I can guarantee you that it will get people engaged and involved in one another and make them think of strangers as neighbors. It is that powerful.”

—Susan Garcia Trieschmann, Founder of Curt’s Café

"...this is soooo cool fantastic great and amazing. It's like Balderdash and those kinds of make-stuff-up games but instead of being designed for you to show off how smart, funny, clever, or sarcastic you can be, you get to use your heart and mind to connect with your friends and family…"  

—Melissa Sivvy

"Charms is more than a game, it is a communication tool that can bring families and friends closer together through great conversations! Everyone can appreciate hearing new insights into their own lives - what a fun way to facilitate sharing new perspectives!" 

Ann Knipp Chicago Kids Media Founder and President